Set Up Directory Structure

Engine Mobile and Geodatabase Replication require a specific directory structure that allows Engine Mobile packets to be transferred between the field and enterprise. Before starting your configuration for Engine Mobile or Geodatabase Replication, create the directories as indicated below. This ensures you have the directories needed for storing the necessary databases created in the configuration process.

If you're setting up multiple field machines, the directory structure must be the same on all of them. You can create the structure on one administrator machine, then disseminate the same information to all field machines.

IMPORTANT: Administrator Machine: When setting up field machines, it is recommended that you have a single machine that serves as an "administrator" for field machines. This machine must have the same directory structure as all field machines (i.e., ArcFM and databases installed in exactly the same directory structure). The only difference is that the admin machine will have ArcFM installed, while field machines may have ArcFM Viewer. This allows you to create and connect stored displays before they are disseminated to the field machines. Remember, ArcFM Viewer does not allow the user to connect broken data sources or create/modify stored displays. Having an admin machine with the same directory structure as all field machines allows you to ensure all stored displays and documents have valid data sources before pushing the data out to the field machines. Use the administrator machine to easily modify stored displays in the future.For example, you may have the following machines to set up Engine Mobile:
  • Machine 1: Enterprise - This machine has ArcFM/Designer installed. It may also host the Geodatabase Replication server.

  • Machine 2: Administrator - This machine has ArcFM/Designer installed and the exact same directory structure as all field machines. Use the configuration files and directory structures on this machine to deploy to all field machines.

  • Machines 3-x: Field - These are the machines used in the field and will have only ArcFM Viewer or ArcFM Viewer for ArcGIS Engine and any necessary Engine Mobile extensions (e.g., Inspector, Redliner).

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