Reposition the Anchor Point in a Composite Favorite

When a composite favorite is created, the constituent features are placed relative to the selection anchor point. The anchor point stored with the composite favorite is, by default, the geometric center of the features that were selected when the composite favorite was initially created. You may change the position of the anchor point.

The anchor point is also the point at which the composite favorite snaps to a feature (or the network). So, if you want for a particular feature within the composite favorite to snap to the target, ensure that the anchor point corresponds with the feature. If your favorite is designed to be added out in white space (and not connected to the network), the location of the anchor point probably doesn't matter.

In the following example, the anchor point is on the transformer. The steps below show how it may be moved to one of the open points.


  1. Select the features that you want to include in the composite favorite. You may place an existing composite favorite and select those features.
  2. From the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar, select Snapping to display snapping information.
  3. In the Snapping window, unselect all snapping settings and select only the feature on which you want to place the anchor point (Open Point in the example). This makes it easy to drag the anchor point to that feature.
  4. Select the Edit tool on the Editor toolbar.
  5. While holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, click the anchor point and drag it. Snap the anchor point to be exactly on top of the junction that you want to be placed on the network. Each of the resulting network features created when you place a composite favorite will be connected to the network.

  6. On the Features list or the CUs list (Designer only), create a composite favorite.
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