Take-Off Filter

A take-off filter provides a list of compatible units (CU) that are compatible as downstream features with a feature that has been selected on the map (a.k.a., the take-off feature). For example, the Designer may have a regulator station that supports a 6" pipe diameter. The designer can choose the take-off filter, click the regulator station on the map and view a list of CUs that may be safely placed downstream of that regulator station.

To use a take-off filter, follow the steps outlined below. You must first have a design opened to enable the Compatible Unit Filter tool.

  1. Open the Compatible Unit Filter tool and click the Take-Off button (next to Build from Map).
  2. The CU Filter minimizes and the cursor changes to cross-hairs. Select a take-off feature on the map. The cursor will only snap to features for which a take-off filter exists.
  3. The CU Filter returns and displays the matching CUs in the Results pane.


    A take-off filter uses a field with a domain assigned to identify the take-off feature. It uses tags to identify CUs that are compatible with the take-off feature.

    In the example above, the take-off feature is a regulator station that supports a 6" pipe diameter. The take-off filter identified the take-off feature because it is a Regulator with a field that has the Pipe Diameter domain assigned. It used tags to recognize that the specific regulator station supports 6" pipe diameter and to identify all CUs that also support 6" pipe diameter.

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