Targets Tab

The Targets tab allows the user to edit a feature or favorite before placing it on the map. To send a feature or favorite to the Targets tab, single-click it on the Features tab or double-click it on the CUs tab (Designer only). You must have an edit session started in order to populate the Features and CUs tab. The CUs tab is available only if you have Designer installed and a valid Designer license.

Place a Feature or Favorite

The Features list displays all features that may be added to the map. You may place a feature or several types of favorites. When you select a feature or favorite on the Features list, it is added to the Targets tab on the Attribute Editor. Use the Attribute Editor to edit fields on the feature or favorite before placing it.

IMPORTANT: You cannot use the ArcFM Attribute Editor to place standard annotation features. Use Esri's Create Features window and Editor toolbar to create those.
  1. With a map open and an editing session started, click a feature or favorite on the Feature tab. A single click sends the feature or favorite to the Targets tab and populates the Target field. When the user clicks Fuse: Current Limiting, that feature is displayed on the Targets tab.

    You may place a subtype (e.g., Current Limiting in the example above) or you may click the feature layer (e.g., Fuse). If you select the feature layer, it will place the subtype your administrator designates as the default.

    IMPORTANT: You may only place the features that exist in the currently open map. The Feature Classes section lists only the features in the current map, but the Favorites section lists all favorites available to the current user in the geodatabase. If you select a favorite that contains a feature not in the map, you will not be able to place it. ArcFM will prompt you with an informational message indicating that the selected favorite has a layer not available in the current map.
  2. Optional. Before placing the feature or favorite on the map, you can select it on the Targets tab and modify attributes. When you edit an attribute value, it is displayed with a blue label. Edited attributes are shown with blue labels.
  3. When you single click the feature or favorite on the Features list or the Targets tab, the cursor becomes cross-hairs and a gray circle: . With this cursor, click the map to indicate the point at which you want to place the feature or favorite. If you're placing a feature or favorite, only a single click is necessary to place the item on the map (except for linear features; click at each vertex and double-click or press F2 to finish). The following favorites may require more to place them:
    • Composite Favorite: You may need a second click to indicate the rotation. See Composite Favorite Rotation for more information.

    • Template Favorite: Templates allow you to place multiple features. You will need to click a point on the map for each feature and may be prompted for additional information. See Place Template Favorite for more information.

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