Use the Inspect and Fix Circuits Tool

  1. If you are using SDE, compress all versions to base.
  2. Open ArcMap, access the Fiber Manager toolbar, and select Customize.
  3. On the Commands tab of the Customize dialog, click ArcFM Solution in the Categories window.
  4. In the Commands area on the right, select Inspect and Fix Circuits and drag it to your Fiber Manager toolbar.

  5. Close the Customize window.
  6. Load the fiber data from sde.default into your map and save your map as an mxd. This ensures that your toolbar gets saved with the new tool on it.
  7. Begin an edit session.
  8. Click the Inspect and Fix Circuits button.
  9. In the dialog that displays, choose where you want to save the FiberCircuitDataLog.txt file.
  10. Click Save to launch the tool.
    TIP: This process tends to take a while, so consider starting this at the end of your workday and allow it to run overnight.. In the case of large SDE databases with thousands of circuits and depending on the level of corruption the tool needs to fix, it can take several hours to run.
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