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Access ArcFM Viewer utility tools by right-clicking a feature in the Attribute Viewer. Select Zoom To, Pan To, Highlight, Quick Attribute Viewer, Remove from Selection, Feeder Manager Translator, and View Conduit Configuration. When you right-click related objects, the Quick Attribute Viewer is available.

When using the Locator tool you can also select the Add to Selection utility by right-clicking a feature in the Locator results listing.

The Copy utility is available on fields in the object editor.

Utility Tools in Attribute Viewer

Utility Tool in Object Editor

Add to Selection

When using the ArcFM Locator tool (accessed with the ArcFM Locator tool button on the ArcFM toolbar), you can add the search results to the Attribute Editor Selection tab. Add to Selection is available when you right-click a single feature or multiple features.

  1. There are two ways to add located features to your Selection tab.
    • Before clicking the Find button, you can select the Auto Add to Selection checkbox. Designer will add all items it located in the search to the Selection tab.

    • After Designer performs the search, you can right-click the features or layer listed in the results window and select Add to Selection.

  2. Designer lists the feature on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor.


Use Copy to move features to the clipboard. You can paste copied features into a Favorites Category on the Features tab (during an editing session). The Copy tool is available regardless of whether an Edit session is started or not. You MUST have an Edit session started in order to use the Paste utility.

  1. Right-click a feature in Attribute Editor.
  2. Select Copy from the Utilities menu.
  3. Right-click a User Favorites on the Features tab.
  4. Select Paste to add the copied feature.

Feeder Manager Translator

The Feeder Manager Translator is available in the ArcFM Locator, Identify tool, and Attribute Editor. It displays feeder information about the selected feature. Click OK to dismiss the window.


You can use the Highlight utility to see a selected feature or layer highlighted (the feature flashes three times) on the map. Use the General tab in ArcFM Options to modify the size and color of the Highlight.

  1. Right-click a feature or a layer on the Selection tab or QA/QC tab of the Attribute Editor to display the Utilities menu. This utility is also available in the Locator tool.

  2. Select Highlight, and you will see the features flash three times on the map. If the selected features are out of visible range, use Zoom To before using Highlight.
    TIP: If the highlighted features are hidden behind a form such as the Attribute Editor or Locator tool, the form window will become transparent to make the highlighted features visible when they flash.

Pan To

This right-click utility allows you to refocus the display to include the selected features without changing the scale. In the example below, the user chooses to Pan To when the scale is set at 1:550. Figure 2 shows that the display now includes the selected feature and the scale remains 1:550. You can use Pan To with multiple features. However, all of the selected features may not appear in the display if the scale doesn't allow.

In the following image, Pan To is selected at a scale of 1:550:

In the following image, the display includes the feature, and the scale remains 1:550:

Quick Attribute Viewer

The Quick Attribute Viewer is a read-only display of feature attributes and values. You can display multiple Quick Attribute Viewer windows.

  1. Right-click a feature on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor to display the Utilities menu.
  2. Select Quick Attribute Viewer to display.

Remove from Selection/Remove All from Selection

This tool allows you to remove features from the Selection Tab of the Attribute Editor. It does not delete features from the map.

  1. Right-click a feature listed on the Selection tab.
  2. Select Remove from Selection to remove only the selected features. Select Remove All from Selection to clear the Selection tab.

View Conduit Configuration

This tool allows you to view the configuration of a conduit. Select a conduit and right-click it on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor. Select View Conduit Configuration to display the conduit's configuration.

On the ArcFM Conduit Configuration screen, select a duct and click View Subducts to see the ducts placed within ducts. This button will be disabled if there are no subducts in the conduit's ducts.

The Up One Level button allows you to navigate from a subduct to the master duct. This button remains disabled if there are not subducts.

Click Close to dismiss the window.

You cannot modify conduit configuration on this screen. To configure conduits or edit existing configurations you must have a valid Conduit Manager license. Contact Schneider Electric for licensing information.

If you have a valid and enabled Conduit Manager license, the View Conduit Configuration tool will not be visible.

Zoom To

To change the map display to include selected features, use the Zoom To utility.
  1. Right-click a feature or layer on the Selection tab of the Attribute Editor or in the results tree of the Locator tool.
  2. Select Zoom To and the map view changes so that the features or layer are visible. Use the Highlight utility to see the features or layer flash three times on the map.
    TIP: Zoom To appears in blue text in most context menus because it is the default tool. If you double-click a feature, the default action (Zoom To) is performed.
    NOTE: You can change the extent to which this tool zooms. Click Customize > ArcFM Options > General tab, and change the Zoom To Buffer Size or its units.


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