Upgrade Workflow Manager to 9.1.2 SP1

Use these upgrade instructions if you are:

  • Using a version of Workflow Manager older than 9.1.2 SP1

  • Upgrading to a version of Workflow Manager that is 9.1.2 SP1 or higher

  • Integrating your Work Management System (WMS) with Workflow Manager using CIM-compliant XML

These instructions are intended for GIS administrators who currently are in production with Workflow Manager and who want to upgrade to the most recent release of the ArcFM Solution. This document does not apply if you are not currently using Workflow Manager and will be implementing it with the most recent version of the ArcFM Solution (i.e., you are new to ArcFM and are starting with the most recent release). If this is the case, refer to Set Up Workflow Manager.

If you are upgrading your Process Framework, you may also need to use the Process Framework Database Upgrade tool.

Upgrade to 9.1.2 SP1

The following changes should be made to the Workflow Manager database (e.g., WorkflowManager.mdb) if you are wish to integrate Workflow Manager with your Work Management System (WMS). If you are not doing this integration, the upgrades on this page are not necessary.


You will need to create the following tasks using the Process Framework Administration Tool. You may name the task anything you’d like. The names shown in bold below are as they appear in the sample data.

  • Process CIM Message

If you use this task without custom subtasks, it can be used to read messaging from an XML file. To process messages from a messaging component, a custom subtask will be required to retrieve the message.

Node Type: Filter node. Because this subtask does not read information about the selected node, it is recommended that it be assigned to a filter node (e.g., UserStatusSessionsFilter).

Assign Subtasks: (in order as shown)

  • Custom subtask to retrieve message from WMS (optional)

    • Process CIM Message

  • Output CIM XML

If you use this task without custom subtasks, it can be used to write out to an XML file. To communicate with a WMS messaging component, a custom subtask will be required to send the message to the messaging component.

Node Type: Design and/or Work Request

Assign Subtasks: (in order as shown)

  • Output CIM XML

    • Custom subtask to send XML to messaging component (optional)


The Process CIM Message and Output CIM XML subtasks require the user to have a specific role. If the user is not assigned this role, the subtasks will not be visible. This role is determined by the MessagingRoleName configuration value in the MM_PX_CONFIG file. In the Process Framework Administration tool, select the Configuration tab and add the MessagingRoleName name and assign it a role. You may create a new role on the Roles tab or select an existing one. For more information about creating roles, refer to the Using Process Framework Administration Tool online help.

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