Workflow Manager Database Connectivity

When the Workflow Manager application starts, the user will be prompted to log in to the database by using an OLEDB Provider.

OLEDB Providers

The database client software, whether it is Oracle or SQL Server, will supply a provider component that will facilitate the client connection to the database server. The provider requires certain information in order to create a connection to the database. The user must specify the server to which he or she wants to connect. The server information required varies between Access, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Connecting to a Workflow Manager Database on Microsoft SQL Server

If you are using Microsoft SQL Server, the client software is probably installed on your machine already, especially if the machine has ArcFM, ArcGIS, or Microsoft Office installed.

Connecting to a SQL Server database is a simple process. Since the SQL Server Client software can find any SQL Server database servers that are connected to your network, it is sufficient to just specify the server’s host name on your network and the name of the database running on that server.

Using the Microsoft SQL Server OLEDB Provider

  1. Determine name of server.
  2. Determine name of the database on the server that hosts the Process Framework and Workflow Manager tables.
  3. Connect using server name, database name, user name, and password.

    Connecting to a Workflow Manager Database on Oracle

    If you are using an Oracle database, make sure the Oracle Client software is installed on each machine that will be running Workflow Manager. If the client machine uses SDE Direct Connect, then the Oracle Client software is probably already installed. However in most cases, Oracle Client will need to be installed.

    Oracle requires that a Net Service Name be defined in order to identify a database server on your network. Once a Net Service Name is defined, the Oracle provider can locate the database server. Use Oracle’s Net8 Configuration Assistant to define a Net Service Name for your database server.

    When the Oracle Net8 Configuration Assistant starts, choose the Local Net Service Name configuration option:

    A wizard will take you through the process of defining a Net Service Name, in which you will specify the name of the new Net Service Name (you’ll use this name in the login dialog), the server’s network host name, its database service name, and the port on which the database service is running. See your DBA for this specific information.

    Once the Net Service Name is defined, you will be able to use the Oracle OLEDB Provider to connect to the Workflow Manager database.

    Using the Oracle OLEDB Provider

    On the connection dialog, select the Oracle OLEDB Provider to be your DBMS Provider. In the Datasource Name field, enter the name of the Net Service Name that you created with the Net8 Configuration Assistant.

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