Workflow Manager Database Set Up - Oracle

The following scripts are provided to create the Process Framework and Workflow Manager schema on an Oracle Server instance:

  • CreatePXTables_Oracle.sql

  • CreateWFMTables_Oracle.sql

  • AddWFMData_Oracle.sql

  • GrantWFMRole_Oracle.sql

Database Set Up:

The tables required by the Process Framework engine can be placed on the same Oracle instance that provides the SDE Geodatabase. The tables (created by the SQL scripts) must exist under a user named "PROCESS." Note that if the database has already been set up to run Session Manager, then you may skip steps 1-3.

  1. Create the PROCESS user in Oracle. This user must be granted the following two privileges:
    Grant CREATE SESSION to process;
    Grant CREATE TABLE to process;
  2. Open SQLPlus window, logging in as new PROCESS user.
  3. Run the CreatePxTables_Oracle script. This script will create the tables required by the Process Framework engine.
  4. Run the CreateWFMTables_Oracle script. This will create the tables required by Workflow Manager.
  5. Run the AddWFMData_Oracle script. This will populate the Workflow Manager tables with the data they require.
  6. As a DBA user in Oracle, create a role called "WMS_USER." This role will be used to assign the appropriate table privileges to users of Workflow Manager. The name of this role is not mandatory; however, if you use a different name for this role you will have to alter the SQL script in the next step. The following SQL syntax will create a role in Oracle:
    Create role WMS_USER not identified;
  7. Run the GrantWFMRole_Oracle script. This script grants the appropriate table privileges to the "WMS_USER" role in Oracle.
  8. Grant the various existing Oracle users the "WMS_USER" role. Since the number of users involved in this step is probably equal to the number of users that access SDE, you’ll probably want to make a script to perform this task. The SQL syntax to perform this task is as follows:
    Grant WMS_USER to <user_name>;
  9. Grant the "CREATE SESSION" privilege to existing Oracle users. The SQL syntax to perform this task is as follows:
     Grant CREATE SESSION to <user_name>;

Workflow Manager Administration

Add each user involved in step 8 above to the Process Framework with the "Users" tab in the Process Framework Administration Tool. After you have imported the workflow (see Add Workflow, below), you can also use the "Users" tab to assign the Workflow Manager user roles to each user.

Add Workflow

The following steps allow you to export the workflow from the sample database provided with the ArcFM Solution installation and import that workflow into your own Process Framework database. Once imported, this workflow can be modified to meet your specific business needs.

  1. To add a workflow, use the Import/Export tab in the Process Framework Administration tool and the sample Workflow Manager database (WorkflowManager.mdb) provided with the ArcFM Solution install.

  2. Log in to WorkflowManager.mdb as "Process."

  3. Select the Import/Export tab.

  4. Select the Export radio button and select the Process Framework Workflow Importer/Exporter checkbox.

  5. Designate an XML file name to which the workflow will be exported.

  6. Click Export and select the MMWorkflowManager extension.

  7. Close the Process Framework Admin tool when the export is complete.

  8. Log in to your Workflow Manager database as "Process."

  9. Select the Import/Export tab.

  10. Select the Import radio button and browse to the XML file you just exported from the sample data.

  11. Click Import.

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