Set Up Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager is a powerful tool to create and track work requests and their associated designs. Users may create work requests and designs, then advance them through the process flow until a design is approved for construction. Once the design has been constructed in the field, a user may update it with the As-Built changes in Workflow Manager. Completed designs and work requests may be deleted from the system by an Administrator or saved for future reference.

This tool also provides Work Management System functionality that allows you to track the costs associated with a work request throughout its lifecycle. You can create multiple design options and compare and select a design based on cost estimates. Workflow Manager is available only in Designer.

This section discusses setting up your database to use Workflow Manager. Select the type of database you will be using:

Once you've completed the initial set up, you can modify the version used as the base for all designs and spatial work requests. The default version base is SDE.Default. If you wish to change this to a different version, set the WMSDefaultParentVersion and/or WMSSpatialWRVersion values on the Configuration tab of the Process Framework Administration Tool.

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