Creating an app account

A user account is required to log in and use the app.
  1. Start the app, wait for the login page to display and then tap Register a new Account.
  2. Select your country and provide your Mobile No. or E-mail to receive the verification code. Tap the check box to agree User Agreement and Privacy Notice.

    You need to select a country code. By default, the country code is set as follows:

    • Mobile phone-based IDs: country code determined by mobile phone number

    • E-mail address-based IDs: country code determined by mobile phone location. Also, you must select the country code manually, when you register using an e-mail ID.

  3. Enter the verification code received via E-mail or SMS.
    • by SMS, if you use your mobile phone number as the user ID, or

    • by e-mail, if you use your e-mail address as the user ID.

  4. Create a password based on the criteria provided.

Once the registration process is finished, a new Home is created and the Home page is displayed in the app. As the creator of the Home, your account is automatically set as the Home owner with full access to the system. See Access levels in the app.

IMPORTANT: Your account cannot be transferred to another country, due to restrictions with data storage (see Data stores). If you want to join a Home or create a Home in a different country, first create a new account using the new country code.

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