Wiser Window/Door Sensor

Detects when windows and doors are opened or closed and sends the status to the Hubgateway.

Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Wiser Motion Sensor

Reports the detection of movement to the Wiser Hub (and device to perform configured functions), measures the luminance of the environment and passes this data to the Wiser Hub. The threshold of luminance settings and/ or detection of movement can be programmed to determine what action to be taken at that moment.

Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Wiser Water Leakage Sensor

When the sensor is connected to the Wiser Hub and detects water on the floor, the sensor sends out a sound alarm and reports the event to the hub.

NOTE: The device can operate as a standalone product when not connected to the hub. This device also produces sound alarm when not connected to the hub .

Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Wiser Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Maintains a comfortable environment in the home by detecting changes in temperature and humidity and having the Wiser system respond by adjusting connected environmental control systems, such as, automatically turning on an air conditioner if the temperature is high or turning on an exhaust fan if the humidity is high.

Instruction Sheet (PDF)

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