Alarms and Notifications

The app provides alarm for significant system events that require urgent attention (such as water leakage) and notifications for non-urgent events such as system access and device management.

The Notifications page

Alarms and notifications are stored in the Notifications page (A). You can open the Notification page by tapping the Notifications icon (B).

New alarms and notifications are indicated by a red dot:

  • next to the Notification icon, and

  • next to the Alarm and Message tabs.

Notification options

Tap the Settings icon (gear) at the top of the Notifications page to access the Notifications Settings. (You can also access the Notifications Settings page from the app Settings page by tapping App Notification >.)

  • Enable notifications: A master switch that turns all notifications On or Off (C).

  • Alarm: Enable or disable device alarms such as water leakage, motion detection (D).

  • Do-Not-Disturb Schedule (Alarms only):Set one or more time periods when the alarm function will be disabled. Single or repeating schedules are possible. A schedule can affect either all device alarms or only selected device alarms (E).

  • Message:Enable or disable all messages, including messages relating to home, account, remove device, add, upgrade, and factory reset (F).

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