General device configuration

Adjust device settings, rename a device, re-assign a device to another room, perform firmware upgrades and more.

Devices can be configured in various ways, depending on the device type. In the app, device settings are grouped into the device details (More) and Settings pages.

  1. In the Home page, tap a device to open the device control page. Also, you can tap and hold the device to open device control page.
  2. In the device control page, do any of the following:
    • Tap the Pen (Edit) (A) icon to display the device details (More) page (see Step 3).
    • If displayed, tap Schedule (B) to operate the device at a given time. (Other device types may display different configuration options here, or none at all.)
    • (C) Tap Settings (C) to open the device-specific Settings page (see Step 4).

  3. On the device details (More) page, do any of the following:
    • Rename the device, change the device icon or assign the device to a different room (D). Find information about the device.
    • Browse FAQs relating to the device, provide feedback to the app developer regarding the device, or check to see if a device firmware upgrade is available (E).
    • Tap Remove and Factory Reset Device to restore the device to its original factory defaults (F) .
      NOTE: All device settings are lost and the device details are removed from the cloud, effectively restoring the device to its original state prior to use.
  4. On the Settings page, adjust the device-specific settings. (The available settings vary by device type.) (G)
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