Moments and Automations

You can combine the settings of one or more devices together to form a Moment or an Automation. Operate a Moment manually whenever desired, or set up an Automation and specify conditions to trigger the devices. Moment is triggered manually and Automation is triggered by an event.


Your evening is about to begin. You settle in on the couch. The roller shutters close, the lights dim, and the TV switches on, everything you need for a great movie night and desired lighting ambience. This is a Moment saved to your app. Once you create it, you can use it again and again with just a tap on your smartphone’s screen.


The members of your family always come home at about the same time. Using an Automation, your system can close the blinds to help protect your privacy and set the perfect lighting ambiance on your arrival. Automation launches automatically according to your schedule.

You can set an Automation to activate based on date and/or time, sensor status and other options, depending on the devices in your system.

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