Overview of system commissioning

To commission the Wiser system, first install the devices and then configure the system using the app.

System commissioning involves these steps.

Install and test Wiser devices.

See Installing and testing devices.

Make sure the Wi-Fi network is ready for the system.

See Wi-Fi network requirements.

Connect the hub to the Wi-Fi network. The mode of connection is Ethernet mode to connect the hub . For anything further steps for commissioning, app is required.

NOTE: The Ethernet cable is supplied separately.

See Connecting the Wiser Hub to the Internet.

Download and install the app.

See Downloading the app.

Create an account to use the app.

See Creating an account.

Set up a Home, Rooms and add Home members.

See Working with homes.

Join the hub to the Home.

See Setting-up the Hub .

Add devices to the Home, assign devices to Rooms and configure device settings.

See Setting-up devices.

Set devices to operate together, either manually, or in response to a schedule or event.

See Moments and Automations.

Once these steps have been completed, the system is ready to use.

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