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Creating a moment

A Moment allows you to group multiple actions that are usually done together. Using the Wiser app, you can create moments based on your needs (such as movie night).
To create a moment:
  1. On the Home page, tap .
  2. Go to Moment > + to create a moment.
  3. Tap Edit name , enter the name of the moment (A) and tap Save.
    TIP: You can choose the cover image that represents your moment by tapping .

  4. In the Action section, tap Add task (B) to open the slide-up menu.
  5. In the Add task menu, you can do either or all of the following actions (C):
    • Run the device: select the devices that you want in a moment.
    • Select Automation: select the automation that you want to enable or disable.
    • Delay: set the delay time.
    NOTE: You can add one or more actions using .

  6. Tap Run the device > Iconic Socket, tap on the required socket (Left Socket/Right Socket) to select either or all of the functions to add in the moment:
    • On: switch on the respective socket (D).
    • Off: switch off the respective socket (E).
    • Reverse Switch: toggle the last state of the socket (F).
  7. Set all actions and tap Save.
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