Install the Current Sensor

Install the current sensor at a point with the full battery current that is going to a system, a unit in a redundant system or any other system. The current sensor housing can be attached to a DIN rail 35 x 7.5 mm (TS35 rail).

If multiple current sensors are used, configure a unique address with the DIP switches on each current sensor connected to the same webmanager.

It is recommended to connect the current sensor to a battery bus (COM3) port on the webmanager with a BACS bus cable.

NOTE: The maximum bus cable length between the current sensor and the webmanager is 10 m (32 ft). For more information see Bus Cable Length and Wiring Details.
If a sensormanager is used, it is also possible to connect the current sensor to the sensormanager with RJ12 cables.

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