Add Sensors and Devices

Any sensor or other device used in the EcoStruxure Battery Management System needs to be added before it can be configured from the web interface.

To add a sensor or device:

  1. Check that the sensor or device is correctly connected to the webmanager, either to COM2 or via the BACS bus to a battery bus (COM3) port. This depends on the type of sensor or device and the cable needed.

  2. If multiple current sensors or GX_R_AUX devices are connected to the same webmanager check that they have unique addresses configured with the DIP switches.

  3. Navigate to Devices > Setup.

  4. Under COM2 or COM3 use the drop-down menu(s) to select the connected sensor or device.
  5. Click Apply to add the sensor or device.

  6. A new setup menu or submenu under Devices is added for that sensor or device. From this new menu the sensor or device can be configured as needed.

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