Install Sensormanager and Additional Sensors

If more sensors are needed, a sensormanager can be used instead of the stand-alone temperature and humidity sensor.

Connect Sensormanager

The sensormanager needs to be connected directly to the COM2 port on the webmanager with the included mini-DIN-8/DB-9 cable. The maximum cable length for connections to COM2 is 15 m (49 ft).

NOTE: There is only one COM2 port, so it is only possible to connect one sensormanager to a webmanager.

Connect Additional Sensors and Devices

Additional sensors can be connected with RJ12 cables to the sensormanager.

Each port on the sensormanager provides 2 analog input channels, 1 digital input channel and 1 digital output channel. The number of sensors or devices that can be connected to a port depends on the types of sensors and devices. Different sensors and devices require different channels.

NOTE: The hydrogen sensor requires two ports (2 digital input channel).

Sensor / Device

Required Channel

Temperature sensor

1 analog input channel

Temperature and humidity sensor

2 analog input channels

Current sensor

1 analog input channel

Hydrogen sensor

2 digital input channels


1 digital input channel


1 digital input channel

Example of possible sensor connection to one sensormanager port

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