Adding Wireless Devices Paired Under a Child Gateway (Universal and Advanced Models)


The Panel Server Universal allows you to display and publish data from wireless devices connected to a child gateway. In addition, the Panel Server Advanced can log the data, display them in the trending screens and export them in a csv file.

A wireless child gateway is a gateway that is connected downstream to one Panel Server via Modbus TCP. It incorporates wireless data aggregation tables to be enable direct and autonomous response to Modbus requests. In this family of products, only Smartlink SIB, PowerTag Link , and Panel Server are supported. Other gateways, such as EGX100, EGX300, and Link150, operate as transparent gateways which transfer Modbus requests and responses to and from end devices. They have no data aggregation table to handle Modbus requests, and are therefore not impacted by the limitations introduced by such tables.

The child gateway can be one of the following:

  • Panel Server

  • PowerTag Link

  • Smartlink SIB

The following diagram shows a typical architecture of wireless devices connected to a child/downstream Panel Server in a separate topology. The child/downstream gateway is connected to one Ethernet port of the parent/upstream Panel Server (PAS#1).

NOTE: Panel Server Universal and Advanced allow you to display data from wireless devices connected to a child gateway. The parent Panel Server gateway monitors the Modbus TCP/IP communication status of the child gateway and its downstream wireless devices, and reports an alarm when the child gateway disconnects.


This function is available on Panel Server Universal and Advanced .

Procedure to Add the Wireless Devices to the Child Gateway and to the Parent Gateway

  1. Connect to the child gateway using EcoStruxure Power Commission desktop or embedded webpages

  2. Pair all the wireless devices to the child gateway.

  3. Connect to the parent gateway using the embedded webpages.

  4. Each wireless device is added to the parent gateway using the Modbus/TCP manual addition procedure by accessing the Settings > Modbus devices > Modbus discovery > Modbus TCP/IP > Manual addition webpage and entering the following information for each wireless device:

    • IP address: Enter the IP address of the child gateway

    • Port: Usually port 502

    • Unit ID: Enter the virtual server ID assigned by the child gateway to the wireless device

    • Device: Select the device type in the drop-down selection list

  5. Repeat step 4 for each wireless device

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