Appendix D: SFTP and HTTPS Publication File Formats

CSV Publication

The following table provides the details of each row of the .csv file, with sample data:


Data in .csv file



Gateway Name,Gateway SN,Gateway IP Address,Gateway MAC Address,Device Name,Device Local ID,Device Type ID,Device Type Name,Logging Interval,Historical Intervals

This row contains the column headings for the information provided in row 2:

  • Gateway Name: name given to Panel Server during commissioning

  • Gateway SN: serial number of Panel Server

  • Gateway IP: IP address of Panel Server

  • Gateway MAC Address: MAC address of Panel Server

  • Device Name: name given to the device during commissioning

  • Device Local ID: reference of the logged device, unique across Panel Server

  • Device Type ID: device model

  • Device Type Name: device model

  • Logging Interval: sampling period expressed in minutes

  • Historical Intervals: total number of rows of logged data in this file


Device TypeEcoStruxure Panel Server,542206310926,,00:00:54:E5:8A:36,F160 3P 3P+N,modbus:1_mb_81,F160 3P 3P+N,F160 3P 3P+N,5,7

This row contains information about the Panel Server that produced the file, and the downstream device from which the measurements were sampled.



,,,Topic ID1,Topic ID2

This row contains the column headings for the topic IDs. A topic ID is a reference to the quantity being logged. The name given to a quantity may differ between devices and languages. Topic IDs are used to identify the quantity regardless of the device or language. Topic IDs are unique across the Panel Server.

NOTE: The first 3 commas are used for layout purposes in a spreadsheet application.



This row contains the topic IDs of the measurements logged.



Error,UTC Offset (minutes),Local Time Stamp,RmsVoltagePhsAB (V),RmsVoltagePhsAN (V)

This row contains the column headings for the data logged in rows 8 and more:

  • Error: 0 for success, 19 when at least one measurement was invalid or not available for sampling (NaN).

  • UTC Offset (minutes): offset of local timestamp from UTC timezone.

  • Local Time Stamp: date and time of the samples

From the fourth item onward, each measure is described by its name and unit (if known).

8 and more

0,0,2022-11-04 08:10:00,127.80000305,235.3999939

0,0,2022-11-04 08:15:00,128.1000061,235.69999695

0,0,2022-11-04 08:20:00,127.69999695,234.8999939

These rows contain the logged data.

JSON Publication

The following lines provide an example of a .json file with data consisting of a list of two time series with a collection of several records:

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