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EcoStruxure Energy Hub (EEH)

Connect your building energy systems and smart devices with EcoStruxure Energy Hub . Automatically collect, store, visualize, report, and alarm on your data to simplify the energy management of digitalized electrical and energy systems in commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

As power digitalization continues to transform our electrical distribution infrastructure, today's commercial, industrial and institutional buildings face increasing regulatory requirements and public interest in sustainability and decarbonization. Building owners and operators need to ensure compliance with building codes/standards as well as demonstrate to occupants, future tenants, and investors that their building is up to the sustainability challenge.

  • Hit energy targets and comply with standards

  • Track and retain energy data for transparency and compliance requirements

  • Benchmark buildings' energy performance and identify savings opportunities

  • Break down energy use by area, zone, and usage type

  • Easily visualize your energy system status and alert maintenance of detected faults

  • Diagnose and resolve issues quickly

EcoStruxure Energy Hub is designed to address these challenges with a simple, smart energy application for your building, without a large upfront investment.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert (EFE)

EcoStruxure Facility Expert is a cloud-based software application from Schneider Electric to improve energy efficiency, and manage assets and maintenance.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert is used for small and medium buildings in industry, retail, public, and healthcare markets.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert allows you to outsource energy management and maintenance, reducing your energy costs and increasing operating efficiency in buildings.

EcoStruxure Facility Expert provides the following features:

  • Support for data acquisition hardware: meters, gateways, and sensors.

  • Cloud platform for data displays.

  • Consulting services from Schneider Electric expert teams.

  • A network of local partners to implement solutions.

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor (EAA)

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor brings a proactive approach to electrical distribution and critical data center assets, combining IoT and cloud-based technologies with Schneider Electric experts and services for business continuity. EcoStruxure Asset Advisor services offer the ability to anticipate and address issues before they become critical incidents, mitigating safety risks, reducing unplanned downtime, operational losses and expensive maintenance interventions.

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor (ERA)

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor helps with aggregating all cross-enterprise, energy and sustainability information in a single, cloud-based platform. EcoStruxure Resource Advisor enables both data analysis and data action. Energy, water, waste, carbon, building metrics, weather, and more can all be integrated into a single platform, which provides the ability to see high-level trends across an enterprise down to granular load profiles of a single building or piece of equipment.

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