Description of the Application

  • The application is divided into seven steps.

  • Navigation within the steps is possible using the tabs at the top of each page.

  • Other functions are accessible on each page of the application:

    • Register

    • Log in and log out

    • For logged in users: save a project in the cloud; this is implemented automatically every 2 minutes, when changing step in the application and manually with an action on the corresponding icon.

    • Save a project on the computer

    • Take notes about the project in free text

    • My profile, for logged in users only: upload discount rates per product family to get the list of material in net prices; upload company data to get it displayed in the project report

    • Help: access to video tutorials; to get in touch with Schneider Electric Customer Support Services

    • FAQs

    • Terms and conditions

    • Data privacy

    • About

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