Cradle Management Function


The cradle management function is used to:

  • record and check the position of drawout circuit breakers in the cradle.

  • provide information about the preventive maintenance actions.

  • notify the remote controller about the position of the drawout circuit breaker.

    NOTE: When the circuit breaker is detected as being in the disconnected position, the remote controller quits polling the MicroLogic control unit. If the remote controller does not quit polling, the remote controller receives the time-out response as long as the circuit breaker is disconnected.

The cradle information is available on:

  • remote controller using the communication network.

  • EIFE interface webpages.

Compatible Devices


Minimum Hardware Configuration Required

MasterPacT MTZ circuit breaker

Drawout circuit breaker + MicroLogic X control unit + EIFE interface + ULP port module

Cradle Position Status

The cradle position status is defined by the position of the limit switches.

Cradle Position Status

CE Limit Switch

CT Limit Switch

CD Limit Switch

Cradle in connected position




Cradle in test position




Cradle in disconnected position




Cradle Position Counters

The cradle position counters are:

  • Cradle connected position counter

  • Cradle disconnected position counter

  • Cradle test position counter

A counter is linked to each cradle position state. The counter is incremented each time the linked state is activated.

The cradle position counters have the following properties:

  • Counters are saved in non-volatile memory to prevent loss of data in case of power outage.

  • Counters are incremented from 0 to 65534.

Predefined Events

The following events are generated by the cradle management function.






2304 (0x0900)

Cradle position discrepancy



Manual or remote

2308 (0x0904)

Disconnection of the circuit breaker from cradle is overdue



Manual or remote

2309 (0x0905)

Cradle has reached its maximum number of operations



Manual or remote

2310 (0x0906)

Remaining service life of cradle is below alarm threshold



Manual or remote

2311 (0x0907)

New MicroLogic control unit has been detected



Manual or remote

Cradle Position Discrepancy

The EIFE interface detects the cradle position discrepancy and generates an alarm when the cradle position contacts indicate that the circuit breaker is not in one of the allowable positions, connected, disconnected, or test.

Disconnection of the Circuit Breaker from Cradle is Overdue

The alarm is generated after 11 months without disconnecting the circuit breaker, to remind the user to operate the cradle at least once in every year by moving the circuit breaker from connected position to disconnected position and from disconnected position to connected position.

Recommended action: Disconnect the circuit breaker from cradle and connect it back.

Cradle Has Reached Its Maximum Number of Operations

The cradle is designed to connect 500 times and must be replaced before that number is reached. The alarm is generated when the cradle connected position counter reaches 450.

Recommended action: Plan to replace the cradle. Contact your local Schneider Electric service team for support.

Remaining Service Life of Cradle Is Below Alarm Threshold

Regrease the cradle and clusters. The cradle needs a comprehensive check-up when:

  • Cradle is in operation for five years,

  • Cradle position counter reaches 250.

Recommended action: plan to replace the cradle. Contact your local Schneider Electric service team for support.

New MicroLogic Detection

A time-stamped alarm is generated when the EIFE interface detects that the MicroLogic control unit of the circuit breaker has been replaced. The detection is based on the MicroLogic control unit serial number.

Time-Stamped Information

The following time-stamped information is recorded:

  • Last connection of the cradle

  • Last disconnection of the cradle

  • Last cradle in test position

The stamped information can be read by a remote controller using the communication network.

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