Firmware Version 7.0.10

New Features

  • Integrated the following devices:

    • PowerTag Link

    • PowerTag Link HD

    • MasterPacT NT/NW switch-disconnectors

    • ComPacT NSX switch-disconnectors

    • ComPacT NS switch-disconnectors

    • PowerPacT P- and R-frame switch-disconnectors

    • PowerPacT H-, J-, and L-frame switch-disconnectors

  • For all devices:

    • Allows search of devices from a different subnetwork

    • Displays Device view directly if only one device is selected (no General view)

    • Sound feedback when active area on screen is touched

  • For all MicroLogic trip units and control units:

    • Added IMU location feature in Device view

  • For MicroLogic X control unit:

    • Displays ERMS mode

    • Measures and displays THD MIN, THD MAX, cosφ per phase

    • Added maintenance reminder events

Bugs Fixed

  • Breaker Operation process was inconsistent with other interfaces.

  • Progress message was not displayed for Breaker Operation function.

  • Current and time units were inconsistent with MicroLogic trip and control units.

  • Text and graphics were misaligned on FDM128 display.

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