Firmware Version 8.0.12

New Features

  • Integrated a new device – PowerTag Link B.

  • Improved the device discovery performance by 40 – 50 %.

  • After every discovery loop, two options are available to discover – Gateway and Single IP, until up to eight devices are added.

Bugs Fixed

  • Status of Breaker IO blinked – applicable for Smartlink devices.

  • Unexpected event pop-up was displayed after power off and on.

  • In General view, the device icons were displayed one by one.

  • During transition between pop-up and screens, the old screen was displayed for a moment.

  • Display of updated measurement values of Measures submenu was delayed.

  • In General view, the device icons were displayed as Not Responding state (Orange icon) for few seconds when returned from Device view.

  • When switching between the panels, the value of THD IN blinked.

  • Remote display on iOS or Android smartphone or tablet through Vijeo Design'Air app is removed due to cybersecurity risk.

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