NT/NW MicroLogic P/H Firmware History

NT/NW MicroLogic P/H trip units are designed for:

  • MasterPacT NT/NW circuit breakers

  • ComPacT NS630b-3200 circuit breakers

  • PowerPacT P- and R-frame circuit breakers

NOTE: The information related to the new generation of MicroLogic P/H trip units for ComPacT NS and PowerPacT P- and R-frame circuit breakers in this document applies also to MicroLogic P/H trip units for ComPact NS and PowerPact P- and R-frame circuit breakers. The exceptions are mentioned wherever applicable.
Date NT/NW MicroLogic P/H firmware version Availability
October 2014 2014AQ(1) or 8.284(2) Release for manufacturing
March 2014 2014AN(1) or 8.282(2) Obsolete
December 2010 2010AK(1) or 8.273(2) Obsolete
March 2009 2009AJ(1) or 8.268(2) Obsolete

(1) Firmware version displayed on MicroLogic HMI.

(2) Firmware version readable in MicroLogic register 8710 through communication.

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