Procedure for Finding the Firmware Version of a MicroLogic Active Control Unit

Follow this procedure to find the firmware version of a MicroLogic Active control unit:

Step Action


Connect a PC running EcoStruxure Power Commission software to the MicroLogic Active control unit.

A Cable plug connected to the USB-C port of MicroLogic Active control unit

B USB-A to USB-C port cable

C PC running EcoStruxure Power Commission software


Launch EcoStruxure Power Commission software.


From the EcoStruxure Power Commission home page, click the Circuit Breaker section.


Click CONNECT on the displayed pop-up screen, to add the device to the switchboard and connect to it.

Result: A window displays to indicate that device connection is in progress. It disappears automatically when the device is connected.


Enter the account details when prompted.


Click Firmware.

The firmware version of the MicroLogic Active control unit is displayed.

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