Configurable Input Contacts and Output Relays

Input Contacts

Four input contacts are available and can be configured to indicate a given event via the display.

The input contacts support 24 VDC 10 mA. All circuits connected must have the same 0 V reference.

Name Description Location
IN _1 (input contact 1) Configurable input contact Terminal J6616, 1-2
IN _2 (input contact 2) Terminal J6616, 3-4
IN _3 (input contact 3) Terminal J6616, 5-6
IN _4 (input contact 4) Terminal J6616, 7-8

Output Relays

Four output relays are available and can be configured to activate on one or more events via the display.

The output relays support 24 VAC/VDC 1 A. All external circuitry must be fused with maximum 1 A fast acting fuses.

Name Description Location
OUT _1 (output relay 1) Configurable output relay Terminal J6617, 1-3
OUT _2 (output relay 2) Terminal J6617, 4-6
OUT _3 (output relay 3) Terminal J6617, 7-9
OUT _4 (output relay 4) Terminal J6617, 10-12

When Energized check mode is enabled, the output relay is activated, and will deactivate when the events assigned to the output relay occurs (normally activated).

Energized check mode must be individually enabled for each output relay and makes it possible to detect if the output relay is inoperable:

  • If the power supply to the output relays is lost, the events assigned to all the output relays will be indicated as present.

  • If a single output relay has become inoperable, the events assigned to the single output relay will be indicated as present.

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