Connect the Power Cables

  1. Route the power cables through the top or bottom of the maintenance bypass cabinet.
  2. Connect the PE cables, input cables, bypass cables (in dual mains systems), load cables, and DC cables. Assemble the cable lugs to the busbars as shown.

    Single Mains

    Dual Mains

    Cable Lug to Busbar Assembly

    1. Spring washer – provided in kit.

    2. Flat washer (not provided).

  3. Check the fastening of the cable lugs.
    Risk of equipment damage
    Check the fastening of the cable lugs. If the cable lugs move due to pulling on cables, the bolt can become loose.
    Failure to follow these instructions can result in injury or equipment damage.
  4. Reinstall the right side panel on the maintenance bypass cabinet.
  5. Reposition the protection covers on the right side panel. Reuse the M6 screws.
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