Prepare the UPS for Internal Busbar Connection

  1. Only for HRG earthing system: Remove and discard the two preconnected cables that connect the E terminal on the bonding contactor to the ground busbar.
  2. Reposition the ground busbar in the UPS:
    1. Disconnect the EMC cable, the EMC cable holder and the bonding cables from the ground busbar. Note the connection of the cables on the ground busbar.
    2. Remove and discard the copper busbar.
    3. Move the ground busbar to the new position.
    4. Hold onto the EMC cable holder and pull gently on the end of the EMC cable to extend the length. Reconnect the EMC cable to the ground busbar.
    5. Reconnect the bonding cables to the ground busbar
  3. Only for HRG earthing system: Connect an external impedance between the E terminal on the bonding contactor and the ground busbar according to NEC 2014 article 250.36.
  4. Only for UPS with the plastic box as a separate part: Bend the M zone flaps upwards on the plastic box. This is necessary to make room for the internal busbars between the maintenance bypass cabinet and the UPS. Skip this step if the box is integrated in the inner door of the UPS. The integrated box does not need modification to fit with the internal busbars.
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