Enable Peak Shaving Mode

Peak Shaving Mode allows the UPS to reduce the power consumed from the utility/mains supply during grid peak periods, and supplement power to the load with power from the battery.

NOTE: Peak shaving mode must be enabled locally by Schneider Electric during service configuration to make this selection available, but it must be controlled via a remote software application. The remote software application is connected through protected write for Modbus. Contact Schneider Electric for more details.
  1. From the home screen on the display, select Configuration > Grid interactive UPS .
  2. Select Peak Shaving Mode if you want to enable this function.
  3. Tap on Protected Modbus to reconfigure the preshared keys for the protected write for Modbus. Protected Modbus is an encrypted bi-directional handshake protocol using exchange keys and authentication codes. The write requests for peak shaving mode settings from the external system are only accepted by the UPS if they pass the requirements from the Protected Modbus handshake protocol.
  4. Tap OK to confirm your settings.
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