Shut Down the UPS System into Maintenance Bypass Operation

NOTE: Only operate a breaker when the associated breaker indicator lamp is illuminated.
  1. Tap Control > Guided sequences > Shut down UPS system or Control > Guided sequences > Shut down a UPS in a parallel system , and follow the steps which appear on the display.
  2. Generic shutdown procedure for a UPS system with maintenance bypass breaker MBB:
    NOTE: The following are generic shutdown procedures. Always follow the steps of the Guided sequences which are specific to your system
    1. Select Control > Operation mode > Transfer to bypass operation .
    2. Close the maintenance bypass breaker MBB.
    3. Open the system isolation breaker SIB (if present).
    4. Open the unit output breaker UOB.
    5. Select Control > Inverter > Inverter off or press the inverter OFF button (hold for five seconds) on the system level controller section.
    6. Open the static switch input breaker SSIB (if present).
    7. Open the battery breaker(s).
    8. Open the unit input breaker UIB.
    9. Repeat step d to h for other UPSs in a parallel system.
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