Battery Specifications 400 V

Hazard of electric shock, explosion, or arc flash
Protection of the energy storage device: An overcurrent protective device must be located in close proximity to the energy storage device.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.
UPS rating 120 kW 150 kW
Charging power in % of output power at 0-40% load* 80%
Charging power in % of output power at 100% load 20%*
Maximum charging power (at 0-40% load) (kW)* 96 120
Maximum charging power (at 100% load) (kW) 24 30
Nominal battery voltage (VDC) 40-48 battery blocks: 480-576
Nominal float voltage (VDC) 40-48 battery blocks: 545-654
Maximum boost voltage (VDC) 720 for 48 battery blocks
Temperature compensation (per cell) -3.3mV/°C, for T ≥ 25 °C – 0mV/°C, for T < 25 °C
End of discharge voltage (full load) (VDC) 384
Battery current at full load and nominal battery voltage (A)* (A) 260 326
Battery current at full load and minimum battery voltage (A)* (A) 326 407
Ripple current < 5% C20 (5 minute runtime)
Battery test Manual/automatic (selectable)
Maximum short circuit rating 10 kA
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