Recommended Cable Sizes 400 V

hazard of electric shock, explosion, or arc flash
All wiring must comply with all applicable national and/or electrical codes. The maximum allowable cable size is 150 mm2.
Failure to follow these instructions will result in death or serious injury.

The maximum number of cable connections per busbar: 2 on input/output/bypass busbars; 4 on DC busbars; 6 on N/PE busbars.

NOTE: Overcurrent protection is to be provided by others.

Cable sizes in this manual are based on table B.52.3 and table B.52.5 of IEC 60364-5-52 with the following assertions:

  • 90 °C conductors

  • An ambient temperature of 30 °C

  • Use of copper or aluminum conductors

  • Installation method C

PE cable size is based on table 54.2 of IEC 60364-4-54.

If the ambient temperature is greater than 30 °C, larger conductors are to be selected in accordance with the correction factors of the IEC.

NOTE: The DC cable sizes given here are recommendations – Always follow the specific instructions in the battery solution documentation for DC cable sizes and ensure that the DC cable sizes match the battery breaker rating.
UPS rating 120 kW 150 kW
  Copper Aluminum Copper Aluminum
Input phases (mm2) 95 120 120 150
Input PE (mm2) 50 70 70 95
Bypass/output phases (mm2) 70 95 95 120
Bypass PE/output PE (mm2) 35 50 50 70
Neutral (mm2)* 95 NA 120 NA
DC phases (mm2)* 95 120 120 NA
DC PE (mm2) 50 70 70 NA
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