Recommended Upstream Protection 400 V

NOTE: For local directives which require 4-pole circuit breakers: If neutral conductor is expected to carry a high current, due to line-neutral non-linear load, the circuit breaker must be rated according to expected neutral current.
UPS rating 120 kW 150 kW
  Input Bypass Input Bypass
Breaker type NSX250H TM250D (LV431670) NSX250H TM200 (LV431671) NSX400H MiC.L2 (LV432695) NSX250H TM250 (LV431670)
In setting/Io setting 250 200 280 250
Ir setting 250 200 1 250
Im setting/Isd setting 5-10 x In 5-10 x In 10 5-10 x In
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