Installation Procedure for Parallel Systems

Simplified 1+1 Parallel System

Parallel System

  1. Prepare for Installation.
  2. For UPS without preinstalled power modules: Install the Power Module(s).
  3. Install the Seismic Anchoring (Option).
  4. Only for TN-C/3-wire earthing system or TN-C-S/4-wire earthing system: Prepare the UPS for Earthing System.
  5. Connect the Power Cables.
  6. Connect the Signal Cables.
  7. Connect the Signal Cables from Switchgear and Third-Party Auxiliary Products.
  8. Perform one of the following:
  9. Connect the PBUS Cables.
  10. Connect the External Communication Cables.
  11. Add Translated Safety Labels to Your Product.
  12. Final Installation.
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