You can set the filtering parameter as per the monitored application.

This parameter is used to smooth out values of insulation measures that always depend on equipment operating on the application. The criteria are:

  • Number of loads

  • Type of loads

  • Size of the system (effects capacitance)

  • Load switching

The device is designed to provide accurate insulation resistance and capacitance measurement on highly disturbed systems with power electronic devices.This features improves the measurement stability to avoid display fluctuation, undesired transient insulation alarm. The response time associated with this filtering function does not affect the ungrounded power system. Three values are available for this parameter:

Value Response time Advised Usage
5s 5 seconds

Use in maintenance mode.

Diagnose fast variation of the insulation resistance and leakage capacitance.

Use in the following cases:

  • Detecting short time transient insulation faults.

  • When manually locating insulation faults by opening circuit breakers.

40s (Default) 40 seconds

Use in operation mode.

To monitor insulation of typical installations.

400s 400 seconds

Use in operation mode.

To monitor insulation of highly disturbed installations and/or installations with high leakage capacitance.

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