Configuring insulation alarm parameters

  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Ins. Alarm.

    The INS. ALARM screen displays.

  2. Modify the parameters value as per the following table:
    NOTE: Use the contextual menu buttons to modify the parameters value.
    Parameter Allowed Values Default Value Description
    Ins. Alarm 0.04…500 kΩ 1 kΩ Select the value of insulation alarm threshold.
    Ins. Al. Delay 0 s...120 minutes 0 s Select the value of time delay for insulation alarm.
    Prev. Alarm
    • 1 kΩ...1 MΩ
    • OFF
    OFF Select the value of preventive insulation alarm threshold.
    Prev. Al. Del 0 s...120 minutes 0 s
    NOTE: This parameter is enabled when Prev. Alarm is set to any value between 1 kΩ...1 MΩ.
    Select the value of time delay for preventive insulation alarm.
    Disconnect. Inj
    • ON

    • OFF

    • Select ON to detect the disconnection of injection wiring.

    • Select OFF to disable this feature.

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