IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 support

This firmware version supports IEC 61000 4-30 Edition 3.

The IEC 61000-4-30 (4-30) standard defines methods for measurement and interpretation of power quality parameters in 50/60 Hz AC power supply systems. The standard describes measurement methods for relevant parameters to obtain reliable, repeatable and comparable results using any compliant meter. New items are now required in 4-30 Edition 3 and have been implemented on this meter:

  • Rapid Voltage Changes (RVC) – RVC is a quick transition in RMS voltage between two steady-state conditions, during which the voltage does not exceed the sag/swell thresholds. The Sag/Swell module can now detect and measure RVC and record the event in the meter’s Event Log.

  • Current Measurements – Current measurements are useful as a supplement to voltage measurements, especially when trying to determine the causes of events such as voltage magnitude change, interruption or imbalance. These current measurements include:

    • Magnitudes

    • Harmonics and Interharmonics

    • Unbalances

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