About this manual

This manual is a comprehensive reference guide for how the ION architecture is implemented on ION devices.

The first section of this manual provides background information on ION architecture and its modular structure.

The subsequent sections detail ION module specifications and configuration parameters, and are intended for use by personnel with a thorough understanding of ION architecture, ION devices, and the systems in which they are deployed.

NOTE: Modification of ION modules is usually not necessary. ION devices are preconfigured at the factory with a comprehensive set of default functions which are sufficient for most applications.

Additional information

Other useful resources that supplement this ION Reference include the following. All are available for download from the Schneider Electric website:

Online help — available from the Help menu in EcoStruxure™ Power Monitoring Expert or ION Setup software. The help files describe how certain tasks are performed in the software.

ION Device Templates — this file contains factory configuration information for the various ION meters, including the different types of ION modules that are available on a particular ION device, with the data organized according to the different firmware versions available for those meters.

Meter User Guides — these documents explain the configuration and operation of the ION meters.

Technical Notes — these documents provide a more in-depth look into the applications, services and other aspects related to the ION device, Power Monitoring Expert or ION Setup software, or energy management systems.

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