An alert is an external notification from the meter to indicate changes, for example, a change of state for a digital input, or a power quality event such as a sag or swell.

When an alert condition occurs, a pulse or trigger is sent and generates the alert. You can configure alerts to send notification emails or messages to your energy management system through your meter’s existing Ethernet communications connections. You can configure alert messages as a simple text string or you can also include device information. You can configure the alert’s priority so that alerts are also recorded in the meter’s event log.

You can configure multiple alerts on a single meter, each having different activation triggers, messages and/or transmission types. For instance, you can have two alerts, one generating an email, the other sending a message to your energy management system, but using the same trigger conditions; or you can have two alerts with different conditions that send two unique emails to two different email addresses. You can also generate alerts based on triggers from devices connected to your meter.

Creating alerts is an advanced feature that requires familiarity with ION architecture and your power system and communications network. To create an alert, you must configure the Alert module using a configuration tool. You must also configure your device’s communications as needed to send the alerts, such as configuring your meter’s SMTP settings and connecting it via Ethernet to an SMTP mail server in order to send an alert by email.

Go to www.se.com to see the ION meter alerts technical note for detailed information on creating and configuring alerts, and the ION Reference for detailed information about the Alert module and its operation.

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