Setpoint learning overview

Your meter can learn acceptable ranges or thresholds by monitoring normal operating values to determine what constitutes a voltage sag, swell or transient in order to help identify high and low setpoints.
NOTE: To help your meter learn the most accurate values possible, it is important that learning occur during a period of normal operation. Do not schedule learning during a period of unusual operations in your system. Do not modify your meter’s configuration during the learning period as it may stop the learning process.

You can configure the meter so that learned values are applied automatically once the learning period is complete or require that they are reviewed and manually applied. If a learned value is invalid, the learned values are not automatically applied, but logged for review.

Setpoint learning can be used to identify the following values:

Feature Values
Setpoints (Alarms)

High limit

Low limit

Sustain until ON

Sustain until OFF

Sag Voltage sag limit
Swell Voltage swell limit
Transient Threshold

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