DNP supported features and default implementation

Your meter is pre-configured for basic DNP Slave functionality.

Your meter supports a maximum of three concurrent connections (sessions) using the DNP 3.0 protocol; one for each serial port, up to three using Ethernet, or a combination of both. Combinations available depend on the meter's communications options. A session consists of all incoming and outgoing DNP Master/Slave traffic on one of the meter's communications ports.

For serial DNP communications, you must assign the DNP protocol to the appropriate serial communication port on your meter; you do not have to configure your meter’s Ethernet port(s).

You can modify your meter’s default DNP map using configuration software.

Data can be imported into the meter from a DNP control relay or analog output device. This is an advanced feature intended for users with an in-depth understanding of the DNP 3.0 and ION protocols.

See the online ION Setup help for instructions on connecting to your meter and accessing the Setup Assistant, which can be used to modify your meter’s DNP port settings and default DNP map. Go to www.se.com to download the Multiport DNP 3.0 and ION technology technical note for more information on how your meter supports DNP 3.0.

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