Meter domain name

You can configure the meter as a DNS client in systems using a DNS server.

Domain name resolution (DNS)

A DNS (domain name system) server maps domain names to IP addresses. If you configure the meter to use a DNS server, the meter can communicate with other network resources using their domain names, rather than their IP addresses, and vice versa. For example, if your network has an SMTP server with the domain name of smtp.company.com, you can enter smtp.company.com as the SMTP Server address in the meter’s communications settings.

The meter’s fully-qualified domain name (FQDN)

To allow other network resources to communicate to the meter using its domain name, you must configure the meter’s Ethernet Device Name setting to match that used by the DNS server. The meter’s fully-qualified domain name is its Ethernet name plus its Domain name. For example, if the meter’s Ethernet name is ElectricityHQ and its Domain name is companyXYZ.com, the FQDN will be ElectricityHQ.companyXYZ.com.

NOTE: This domain name is used for both IPv4 and IPv6 communications. It is used to identify the meter in a system using DNS and to identify the meter when using DPWS for self-discovery over Ethernet.

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