Self-discovery over Ethernet

Your meter supports DPWS (devices profile for web services) which allows for self-discovery of the meter when it is connected to your local area network.

When you connect your meter to your network, your meter automatically appears in your network in Windows Explorer under Other Devices. By default, the meter is named <meter type>-<last six digits of MAC address>. For example, a meter with a MAC address of 006078173393 appears on the network as <meter type>-173393.

A Computer connected to the network with IPv6 enabled
B LAN / WAN (Local Area Network / Wide Area Network), common subnet, no routers
C Meters with self-discovery over Ethernet connected to the network

Considerations for using self-discovery over Ethernet

  • For self-discovery, the meter must be connected directly to the network using only a cable or switches, and not going through a router.

  • You must use a computer running Windows 7 or later with IPv6 enabled in order to use self-discovery over Ethernet.

  • The computer and the meter must be on the same subnet.

  • You do not need to configure your meter’s IP address for self-discovery over Ethernet. An IPv6 address is automatically generated from your meter’s MAC address and self-discovery takes place over IPv6.

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