Display modes

Your meter has three display modes and provides access to your meter’s setup screens:

  • Normal Mode Screens (NORM). In Norm mode, your meter automatically scrolls through a series of customizable display screens. You can add or remove Norm mode display screens. If there are no Norm mode display screens, the meter displays a message stating that there are no available screens. To exit Norm mode, press the home button to access the display modes selection screen.

  • Alt Display Mode (ALT): In Alt mode, you can navigate to view the different alternate screens. You cannot modify the default Alt mode display screens, but you can add custom screens. To exit Alt display mode, select Normal Display Mode to access the display modes selection screen.

  • Test Mode (TEST): In Test mode, you can manually scroll through a series of default screens. To exit Test mode, press the home button and select Exit Test Mode.

    NOTE: In Test mode, your meter’s billing quantities stop accumulating and the data is sent to special test mode registers. These registers are cleared when you exit Test mode.

Access your meter’s setup screens by pressing the home button in NORM, ALT or TEST mode. To exit the setup screens, press the home button.

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