Meter setup using your display

Navigate to Setup screens and enter parameters to configure your meter.

Your meter’s default display password is 0 (zero).

NOTE: Your meter locks you out of display configuration after you have exceeded the maximum number of attempts to enter a password.

The following example shows how to use the navigation icons to select parameters, enter numeric information or select parameter values from lists.

NOTE: Your display may appear differently than those shown, depending on your meter’s power system and display and localization settings.

Example: setting volts mode and PT/CT ratios

Use the display navigation icons to set your meter’s volts mode and PT ratios.

NOTE: Potential transformers (PT) are also known as voltage transformers (VT).

  1. Press to display the menu. Press until Setup Menu is highlighted. Press to display the Setup Menu. The Setup Menu lists the setup selections on your meter.

  2. Press or to highlight the different setup menu selections. Highlight Meter Setup and press to select the meter setup screens. The Volts Mode setup screen is displayed.

  3. Press to highlight Volts Mode. Press to edit the volts mode. The Enter Password screen is displayed.

  4. Press to change the value of the highlighted digit (0 - 9). Press to go to the next digit. Press to enter your password using the onscreen keyboard. The Volts Mode configuration screen is displayed.

  5. Press or to highlight the desired volts mode from the list, in this case, 3W-WYE. Press to select the highlighted volts mode. A confirmation screen is displayed, showing your meter’s previous setting and newly selected setting.

  6. Press to confirm, and the new setting is applied to your meter. Press to cancel and maintain your meter’s original setting.

  7. In the Volts Mode screen, press to go to the PT/CT Setup screen.

  8. In the PT/CT Setup screen, press to highlight the potential transformer (PT) or current transformer (CT) value for editing. Press to edit the highlighted value.

    NOTE: If you have exceeded the password timeout period, you are prompted to enter your meter’s display password.

  9. Press to change the value of the highlighted digit (0 - 9). Press to go to the next digit. Press to enter the new value. When the confirmation screen is displayed, press to confirm the new value or to revert to the original value.

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