Laptop computer upgrade considerations

The connection between the laptop and the device must be maintained in order for the upgrade to proceed.

Laptop computers generally have different default power properties than desktop computers.

If the laptop’s hard disk shuts down or the laptop enters system standby mode, this connection is broken and the upgrade procedure must be restarted.

If you are upgrading your meter’s firmware using a laptop computer, follow these guidelines:

  • Plug the laptop computer into a wall outlet. Do not run the laptop on its battery.

  • Configure the laptop’s hard disks so that they do not shut down after a certain period of time (for example, set to “never”).

  • Turn off the laptop’s power suspension (for example, system stand-by) and hibernate options.

  • Disable the laptop’s option to power down when it is closed. This prevents a shut down if the laptop is accidentally closed.

  • Disable the laptop’s screen saver as they can burden the CPU.

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